Georgetown Energy Museum

Georgetown Energy Museum is located in a fully functioning and operational Hydroelectric generating plant in Georgetown, Colorado. The plant is owned and operated by Xcel Energy. It has been in operation since1900.

GEM is a separate Colorado non-profit 501C3 organization which leases a portion of the hydroelectric plant from Xcel Energy, for the purposes of preservation and interpretation of this plant. It provides a general history of hydroelectric power.

The museum includes exhibits and photographs and also household / consumer appliances relating the the early use of electricity.

Visitors can view 100-year-old-equipment, generators, early electrical appliances, and walk through the plant. This hydroelectric plant was built in 1900 and continues to operate today. Group tours available by appointment.

Call: 303-569-3557
Georgetown Energy Museum
Control Room
The Electromagnet in the Generation of Electricity
The Georgetown Hydro
Activity Location: 
600 Griffith Street,
Georgetown, Colorado, 80444 USA
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